A Trip with Ali and Mazda 2

A Trip with Ali & Mazda2

February means that the winter is finally ending now and it is a sign for spring to show up, which calls for a road trip, right? Honestly, I used to think people who drive for fifteen hours and called that fun are completely, certifiably insane, but you cannot understand the essence of it until you go on a road trip yourself.

We have been driving for 6 days now and it feels like we started this journey yesterday. Ali had bought Mazda’s most enjoyable drive – Mazda 2, how could I have left the opportunity to try it out? We have travelled all the way from Al-Mazuynah and are heading to Muscat for sightseeing and cruising.

When you plan a road trip the first thing you think about is all the wooziness you are going to have and that you won’t be able to enjoy because of it  but I never knew driving for 6 days would be this easy. Ali and I have been staying at the motels for the night where we get plenty of food and some entertainment. I would say, my friend’s choice cannot be doubted. It is not just the stay, which is keeping this easy, but also this car – man, this car is just too amazing! I am surely buying this car once I get back home.

Ahead of us is the city of Amal, a beautiful city that is worth a visit. We have planned to spend a night there and move in the morning. I cannot believe we have been driving for straight 8 hours now. Ali has been snoring for six of them, leaving the wheels and me together.

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